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Hello! My name is Ayano. I am a photographer, currently living and working in New York, NY. I specialize in capturing vibrant moments in photographs. Not only action photography, during the process of becoming a professional photographer, I learned to cover headshots, portraits and architectural photography, too, as many of my clients needed them.

Are you interested in having a conversation about photography? Let’s talk! 

  • Do you wish to capture the most precious moments of your children but they are …. super active and hard to capture?
  • Do you wish to become a professional photographer but don’t know where to start?
  • You have started photography career but you now wonder how you can become a successful photographer?
  • Are you struggling to level up as a professional photographer?
  • You want to be better at photography as a hobby

There are lots of online courses and YouTube videos that are really helpful for people who are pursuing photography career. I still watch those videos sometimes when I need some ideas or references. They are great! And a lot of them are free! But.., most of those programs are one way street. What if you still have questions after watching the video? What if your questions weren’t really covered in the video? 

I am here to help you. 

I started my career as a professional photographer around 2009. As you might be able to imagine, I did not start out being a successful photographer! I had ups and (many!) downs, but did not give up to be successful in photography, and here I am! 

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