Webop Kids Photo Shoot

I have been working for Jazz at Lincoln Center for many years now and this one was one of my most favorite photo shoots. Jazz at Lincoln Center has great music shows nightly but not even great and legendary musicians can compete with these cute little musicians! Wow, that was a fun shoot. I was so happy to see them printed on their beautiful marketing materials, including these post cards, as well. 

Jazz at Lincoln Center has many education programs. Their artistic director, Wynton Marsalis, put great effort on music education. Webop is their education program for youngest musicians from 0 year old. There are programs for elementary school, middle school and high school kids as well. They also have education program called Essentially Ellington, which is a high school big band competition. Some talented kids who competed in this program often comes back to Jazz at Lincoln Center as professional musicians and perform there and keep good and long relationship with them. 

We might see one of these little kids from this photo shoot perform at Jazz at Lincoln Center in the future. Can’t wait to see them! 

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