Super League Gaming x Samsung + iKon and Ninja

I had no idea that the evolution of the gaming world was so remarkable. I’ve rarely played games since I was a kid, but what about you guys? My parents never let me play video games when I was growing up! I really wanted a NES or a Game Boy (you’ll know how old I am. LOL) or something but they wouldn’t buy me one. When I was allowed to play games at my friend’s house, I wasn’t used to it, so I couldn’t even compete with my friend at all.

There was a Super League Gaming tournament at Samsung store downtown. I didn’t know very little kids, probably around 5 years old, could play such a complicated game! There were so many different gamers, from little kids to teens to adults, all competing against each other. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what was going on when I looked at the screen because it looked so complicated…

This photo shoot was the second time I work for Super League Gaming. The first time was when I photographed them at Nasdaq for the closing bell of their listing ceremony. One of the best opportunities for me as a photographer is when I get to work with people who work in fields I don’t know and get a glimpse of what it’s like.

Super League Gaming said, “Towards the end of the gaming tournament, ninja is coming, so please take some pictures of them.” So, I thought to myself, “Wow, I wonder if people dressed as ninjas are going to do a ninja performance?” but then the ninja came out, and I found out it was not 忍者, but he was Ninja. He was a nice young man with blue hair, and he is a popular gamer.

Afterwards, a K-pop band called iKon took part in the game and competed against Ninja in a few games. The crowd was thrilled to see them compete in the games, and I’m sure many of the girls, who had iKon fan goods, weren’t fazed by the sight of their favorite iKon members competing in front of them!

It was a day packed with lots of colorful and fun events, with iKon giving a powerful performance at the end.