Website Building Services

As the pandemic caused by the coronavirus continued, small and medium-sized businesses in particular were severely affected and many people lost their jobs. The way of life was fundamentally changed in order to prevent infection, and many businesses were forced to pivot.

In the midst of all this, Ayano Hisa Photography started a website building service. 

This website of mine was built using

There are a lot of websites out there today that make it easy to create a website, but on the other hand, creating complex pages might not be possible with those simple website builders using templates, or there might be limitations to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, so you might start feeling like giving up on creating it yourself. With that being said, if you hire a programmer and a designer to make a website from scratch, you might be afraid to even imagine the price. creates websites with a combination of ready-made features called plugins. It’s possible to do some coding in order to customize it, but it’s relatively easier than coding everything from scratch. (However, it of course takes time and money to create a professional website that you can use for your business, no matter what method you use.) doesn’t have the same restrictions as when you create  a website with templates, and it allows you to create a website with a lot of freedom. And it’s said that it’s easier to get a good ranking because it covers a lot of details on SEO.

In addition to website framework building itself, to create a good website, you’ll need a lot of photos. From headshots and portraits to product shots and storefront photos, photos are essential to web design. Especially if you wish to build a blog, you can’t afford to have too many photos, and using photos with embedded descriptions, known as ALT TEXT, can help with SEO.

So, as only a photographer can do, I also offer photography and simple video services for website development. I offer special rates when you book both the photography and website development services.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in this service.