Instagram Influencers

Instagram has been such a popular social media platform. When I work for various corporate events, I see many people, including people called “Influencers”, taking photos and posting on social media. This is something new that started only about 2 years ago. These pretty ladies (Seinne Fleming on left and Bibiana Julian on right) were at a corporate event by Nokia.

They are on TV show, “The Bachelor”, as well. It seems like the world is becoming flatter (in a way). You can actually meet TV personalities in person at those events so much more easily than before. Also, with YouTube, Instagram, etc, anyone can be a star if you really want to be one.

I am not good at social media at all (I know, as a photographer, I should be good at it!), so I am not too familiar with those apps, but I like the fact that the world is becoming flatter.