Women’s History Month – Google

I talked about some strong women leading international organizations in non-profit world In my last blog post. I also had a great opportunity to photograph Women in Cloud (Google Cloud) event, organized by AgencyEA, and meet female leaders in the corporate world. 

I have worked for multiple events by Google and every time, I get impressed by their effort to try to make an unbiased society. Google is of course one of the very top in the corporate world, and influential even to the world outside of the corporation. It seems that they utilize the privilege to make the world an unbiased place.

Someone would argue there are so many more male engineers than female engineers. And that is why they have this great events around the globe, which is another favorite of mine, Women Techmakers by Google. I photographed this event in NY this year and the last year and met so many intelligent and fun women during the event. Google staff working on this event are also many female hard-workers. I even met some Japanese women at the event, which is REALLY rare, working for corporate events in NYC.

The world is still far away from being equal. However, it is for sure that there are people who work hard on making it come true.