Non-Profit Organizations 2 – Eat Forum

As a photographer, United Nations is one of the dream places to work for. I have never worked directly for United Nations yet, however, I worked for this very inspiring non-profit organization, EAT Forum, to photograph their event in United Nations HQ. What an honor to meet Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed (left), in her office and photographer her.

It is not just because the International Women’s Day was coming up soon.

Strong women run the world!

Gunhild A. Strordalen (right) is the founder of EAT forum. Please do check out her website, EAT forum. Her effort to try to make sustainable global food system to provide healthy food for everyone on earth can be leant on their website.

One of the young leaders from Women Deliver, another inspiring non-profit organization I mentioned in my last blog post, also joined the panel discussion during the EAT lancet event.

I am so grateful that I get to meet, photograph and learn from great people like them.

Yes, women run the world!!

Here is the photo gallery from this event.