Non-Profit Organizations 1 – Women Deliver

Since I started my photography career, I have been working for multiple non-profit organizations. The very first non-profit organization I worked for and still does is Jazz at Lincoln Center. I also work for Newport Jazz Festival Foundation. I have worked on some projects by New York Philharmonic and New York City Ballet as well. Because of my interest in music, that came naturally. As I expand my business, I started to work for other non-profit organizations. Every time when I work for non-profit organizations, I am really impressed and fascinated by their passion for their own missions, whether if it’s for music and dance or environment or climate or energy or women’s rights or healthy eating.

This photo above was photographed during the “Women Leading The Way” event by Women Deliver last year, that took place during the United Nations General Assembly Week. I am working for them again this coming March. Their effort to bring equal rights to women around the world can be learnt from this website by WOMEN DELIVER.


I give discounted rate for some occasions, like long hour / multiple day event, or for regular client, etc, but for non-profit organizations I have special rate even if you are the first time client or have a short event. If you are reading this and in need of a photographer for your non-profit organization’s event, please refer about reading this blog post when emailing me.